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Candidate Emily Dievendorf shares campaign objectives with the Chronicle News

We “the People” have lost faith in politics, and I don’t blame us. The priorities shared by legislators and the average candidate ignore that most residents in our country, whether in the cities or rural areas, are still battling to get basic needs met. We don’t need to be represented by any one person who doesn’t know us and hasn’t spent time with us in the community, on the ground - as our neighbor and as our friend. We need each other.

We know the ways we are impacted by reproductive rights; violence; racism; employment and the size of our paychecks; transportation; human services; civil rights; lending institutions; healthcare; education; aging; childcare and parenting; disabilities; relationships and mental health; immigration; lack of support for small businesses and nonprofits; policing; incarceration; and on and on… We know better than anyone how these issues affect our lives, where the gaps are and how the balls can get dropped. We can best come together in the decision making rooms at the Capitol, in Our House to offer recommendations toward fixing them. More...

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