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This is OUR House

For Sustainability, Equity, and Justice to exist in a community one must be safe to show up in public spaces, be paid a living wage, have access to a well funded public education and be unconcerned about whether their vote/voice will be counted. These are just a few core issues you can expect me to fight for and WITH you in the Michigan House of Representatives.

With me, no policy is made about you without you. You belong in the decision making rooms. 

Let's build better, together.

Policy Priorities

  • Ending Violence in Our Communities​

  • Supporting Public Education

  • Racial Equity and Justice

  • A Living Wage

  • Housing Accessibility and Retention

  • Reproductive Rights

  • Urban/Rural Agriculture and Land Renewal

  • Environmental Justice/Sustainability

  • Immigration/Migrant Rights

  • Voter Protection/Voting Access

  • LGBTQIA+ Protections

  • Investment in Community Mental Health

  • Keeping Small Businesses Sparking and Growing

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