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The Full Story

Experience and Service

At this time in history we cannot wait to get to work. We need experience and knowledge - of the community, of each other, and of the issues. With me we move in one direction, forward, together.



I have a proven record as a smart, strategic and compassionate policy advocate both at the State Capitol and on the ground in our community. I have mobilized support for and against bills when the odds were against us, working with our community partners, and winning hard fought battles.  


My 20+ years in public policy and civil rights makes me the most experienced candidate in this race. I have utilized my knowledge of the political realm to effectively navigate government and work toward equal rights for all. 

I commit to focusing sustainability, equity and justice in everything we do.


Experience and Service

Lifetime Advocate

  • Worked on several civil rights issues including: Racial justice; LGBTQIA+ rights; voting rights/voter protection; agriculture; felony expungement; civil asset forfeiture; immigration rights, disability rights, women's rights and sexual health, HIV/AIDS and sexual violence and intimate partner violence; bias incidents and hate crimes; housing access and foreclosure prevention; anti-bullying and suicide prevention. 

  • As a staffer working in the Michigan House of Representatives for Democratic state legislators for nearly a decade, Emily focused on addressing issues of the judiciary and banking and financial services. At one point, serving as chief of staff to the chair of banking, she was able to help draft Michigan’s Foreclosure Lifeline legislation for Michigan residents during Michigan’s foreclosure crisis.

  • As Executive Director and policy director for Equality Michigan, Emily advocated for LGBTQIA+ friendly policies among legislators and other leaders throughout the state and at every level of government; helped to pass nondiscrimination policies with local governments across the state; passed our first anti-bullying bill; and defeated several anti-LGBTQIA+ bills.

  • Worked in 2017 with a community coalition to draft the City Policy with Respect to Immigrants and Refugees which ensured Lansing Police would refuse Trump orders to pursue, investigate, or detain individuals solely on immigration status.

  • As co-chair of the Michigan Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, led statewide investigations into obstacles to voting for our most marginalized communities, in general and under Covid restrictions, and helped execute a statewide investigation into civil asset forfeiture, all resulting in actionable recommendations being delivered to every level of government.

  • Led an effort in 2021, joined by many other workers in politics, to come forward with stories of sexual harassment in workplaces around the Capitol. The organic movement made clear the depth and reach of workplace sexual violence and its impact on a survivor's ability to succeed.

  • Served on multiple boards including as president of the Lansing Association of Human Rights (LAHR); as vice president of the board of the Firecracker Foundation; as  board member of the Lansing Area AIDS Network; as an appointee to the Ingham County Women’s Commission; continues to serve as a federal appointee to the Michigan Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and recently completed second term on the committee as co-chair. (Appointed under Obama)

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