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Between the Lines Covers Emily's Response to Roe v. Wade

“I don’t think that LGBT people are usually included,” Dievendorf said. “I think that the conversation is getting better. I think that Planned Parenthood is very good these days at mentioning how important reproductive rights are to LGBT people and sexual health is to everybody. And Planned Parenthood has always been essential to LGBT people, has always been a safe haven to us. So Planned Parenthood as an organization being under attack is a problem for LGBT folks, but talking about abortion as a cis issue has always been a problem.”

Yet Dievendorf is not only concerned with the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. When she attended the first Women’s March, she was touched that her mother made her a pink “pussy hat” and she believes in its intent to show solidarity, “but I also think that it is essential that we recognize that so many identities and different bodies are both creating families and choosing not to, and need the right to abortion,” she said. (More)

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